Our Team

Rohan Singal

With over 21 years of work experience Rohan has seen the corporate world as an employee, employer, trainer and mentor.
Rohan’s passion is to assist people to trust their own capacity and overcome self-perceived limits & beliefs. His ability to engage & connect with people of all ages, all backgrounds builds instant rapport with participants. He has 1-on-1 mentored more than 300 individuals and his training sessions have been attended by more than 3000 participants. His wide industry exposure enables him to quickly understand business processes and people issues.
He worked for 8 years at ICICI Bank (project finance, treasury & technology) and Proctor & Gamble (logistics). He did consulting assignments with clients including Sharekhan, DSP BlackRock, IIFL, PPG Asian Paints, Shemaroo Entertainment etc.He also experienced a ‘start-up to sale’ cycle with Oliverays Innovations Pvt Ltd (a technology company) as co-founder. Rohan is an MBA from IIM Kolkata and BTech from IIT Delhi.

Ruchi Maheshwari

Ruchi has over 15 years of work experience with organisations including Anand Rathi Securities, JM Morgan Stanley Financial Services, ING Mutual Fund, in Operations.
She passionately creates systems and processes to make things run on auto-pilot. At Rejoiss she converts ideas to sustained reality. Ruchi frequently researches on available apps, gadgets, tools & technologies to enhance productivity and simplify life. In her spare time she counsels professionals to bring financial prosperity in their lives. She is an MBA from University of Bradford and a Chartered Accountant.